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Hembrough Business Systems has been training in the automotive field for well over 20 years. We have worked with dealerships in the smallest towns up to some of the largest Mega dealerships. We use the most “state of the art” training techniques to assure they are applied. We stay up on all the market changes, the momentum of Social Media, and the changes the consumer is always demonstrating.

We try to share with you the approaches we use to improve specific areas in dealerships. For over 20 years we have specialized in the following areas and we get results.


Phone-ups have been a challenge in dealerships for years and continue to be a challenge with the ever changing market. We have solutions to help you sell more units. Our approach is unique in our ability to train regularly with your people via “distance training”. Think of it – every week your people will be getting trained by a professional on the areas they need help with?

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Social Media

Making Facebook a profit center, owning the first 3 pages of Google with voices from satisfied customers, distributing your 3rd party reviews are just a few of the things dealerships need to have done in order to be a market leads today. The common question from dealers is: “how”? With DearlerFerral we have the answers and success stories to make Social Media a Profit Center now a time waster.

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management is so misunderstood – most dealers think it’s about Google Pages, Dealerrater, Yelp. It is so much more than that. How would you like to "make your advertising work way better than it currently is". Or, getting massive referral and repeat business, most dealers give no consideration as to how Reputation Management impacts these areas. It’s about distribution – posting those reviews in hundreds of places, breaking the testimonials into “blogs” and controlling what people are seeing when they search the next time. This is a completely new arena that your only decision is when you are going to get on board - not IF you will get on board. I have been working hard to align myself with the most current and state of the art techniques to win this game fast. Read more about the DearlerFerral section.

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Why do only 10% of the Business Development Center’s dealers install make it after 12 month? It’s simple – they aren’t paying for themselves. Why – that’s simple too – they are structured wrong – they have the wrong people – they don’t have the proper training – they aren’t a good fit for the dealership. I started installing BDC’s & Customer Development Center’s 23 years ago. I have started them from the ground up, been hired to come in and “fix” them, streamline then, update them, and one thing for sure, mine are open after 12 months and much longer because they create additional sales.


Why do most dealerships struggling with the Internet department? Because they are chasing a moving target trying to be “experts” and just the fact that they accept “success” with Internet leads at only 8% proves that. Structure / Processes / People / On-going training / Accountability = Success in an Internet department. You can sell 20-30% of the leads when it is done correctly.

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Distance Learning

Every dealer wants his people to be trained well – they know it will pay dividends. But who has time in the dealership to do regular, consistent on-going training. Sales managers are pulled in every direction and manpower is still an issue. Technology today allows Hembrough Business Systems to be in your store every week over the Internet working one-on-one with your people. We cover the relevant topics, timely issues, and constant reinforcement of the topics that you very rarely get around to.

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