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Profits through the ROOF!

We turn your service department into a “well oiled” selling machine!

85% Service Absorption

85% Owner Retention

85K Avg. Serv.  Adv.  Income

Dealer Service ArticleAs we maneuver through all of the changes taking place in the automobile industry the FUTURE is going to be in direct proportion to your Service & Parts Profitability:
With vehicle grosses being a “race to the bottom”, EV – AI – Ride Sharing all coming into play someday - where the industry is going is uncertain. 
However, vehicles will still need to be repaired, that's a certainty. The only question is: WHERE will they go? They will go to people they TRUST.


Start out by asking yourself the following questions:


Do we have the correct people?

Do we have a sales manager or a well speaking technical service person heading the department?

How well and how often do we train our service personnel?

Do we have sales processes in place?

How do we pay them?

How do we bonus our people – owner retention – CSI – EFR - Efficiency?

If we want technicians to produce hours + maintain CSI – are our bonuses on those items?

Technology – tablets avg. RO increases by $67 and Owner Retention jumps 6.7% = “pay to play”

CRM is a Relationship building tool, a conduit tool between service and sales – Advisor Trg?

Service BDC – is it aligned to increase sales, increase Owner Retention? “pay to play”

Sales to Service Handoff – 41% Nat: Teach them, educate them, and coach them = “pay to play”

Is your dealership a repair shop or a selling machine that makes enormous

amounts of money?

I teach dealers how to turn the service department into your best selling

department in your building.


It is not Rocket Science to "win people over", whether it be the employees changing with the times, or winning the customers over, it's a commitment from YOU to take care of customers the way they want to be treated.

It's a commitment FROM YOU to understand and address the fact that our business model has changed and the dynamics of a service department haschanged and the entire dealership needs to be updated to these new ways.


#1 REASON to hire Hembrough Business Systems: Classroom training is esential, the reports & accountability is definitely part of the solution, what's different with this program is the On-Going ONLINE training every week with your service advisors for 6-months. That's the difference, that’s the #1 REASON to hire Scott today. 

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