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Scott Hembrough  

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  Hembrough Business Systems

I spent close to 25 years on the road training in automobile dealerships and have a lot of travel "war stories". In most cases each month I would visit a dealership for 1 or 2 days and do whatever training we thought was needed at that time. A lot of traveling and very COSTLY.

With today's technology we now have choices. We can still do it the old way - I offer an alternative.

I do my initial training in-dealership and set things up for the upcoming training approach I am introducing. 

I set web cams on all BDC Reps or salespeople computers & managers computers, as well as the dealers computer.

Each week we schedule a 30 minutes session with 2 or 3 people at one time. We pre-determine the most important training topic and I send them a "GoToMeetings" invitation. In the version of GoToMeetings I use it utilizes web cams. That allows me to see them and they can see me as well as seeing what is on my screen. I felt this was critical because I need to see there eyes, make certain they are paying attention, read if they are "buying in".

I record these sessions because every once in awhile, someone is sick and misses. That way I can send a copy of that weeks training.

The applications are endless. I can go in and listen to calls with them, we can look at reports together, we can view scripts together, I can even give them control and watch them do something in there computer to see if they understand how to do something. EX: Cutting and pasting links in an e-mail.

I use another system called JiveSystems. Within this I have built a library of training topics. They are usually 3 - 5 minute segments such as: Answering an in-coming call, getting around price, handling the trade question, making the appointment. I intentionally made these short and how I use them is after a training session I will send a personalized video to a student, I will include links to these training segments, but here is the nice part. I can see if they opened a segment. I can see if they watched the entire session or just the first 15 seconds and then turned it off.

I keep specific notes on who attended, what topics we covered and my notes as to the results of the session. Each week the dealership is provided this recap.

You see technology has come a longs ways and we can do weekly training, constant reinforcement with your people at a fraction of the cost we incurred in the past.    

Don't not train your people because of cost. Training should be an investment and provide a measurable result that can be measured. This process works.