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  Reputation Management

Most dealers have been sent a clear message from the factory that you MUST look at this and get on board - but here's the problem, HOW - WHERE - WHAT?

Reputation Management overlaps Social Media in my opinion 100%. So this will be a bit reduntant.

Some dealers have "owned" there Google page - some have signed up with Dealerater - but that is only getting you to 1st base. Reputation Management can do so much for you like "make your advertising work way better than it currently is". Or, getting referral and repeat business, most dealers give no consideration as to how Reputation Management impacts the amount of referrals you get.

Similar to what I wrote regarding Social Media it is said 50-60% of the people in the market for a vehicle go online prior to picking up the phone or visiting a dealership. 35% go on Facebook alone. So how can you reach all of these people when we don't even have a strong presence on them? And on top of that sites are being added daily and modified all of the time.

How do you get your name to the top of the search page faster and WITHOUT THEM SEEING THE ADS FOR THE OTHER DEALERSHIPS?

More Good News - most dealerships including your competitors do not understand Reputation Management and do not comprehend how large it can be. The trick is using all of the tools out there and using them soon. In time everyone will be on this band wagon but for now a dealership in each market is going to dominate it.

Think of this. If every delivery that was satisfied woud agree to write a testimonial for the salesperson and post it on ther own Facebook page, just think of how many positive impressions per month would that be? Let's just say you got 50 people a month to do this and each of them had 100 people following them on Facebook, that is 60,000 people per year reading about you from someone the KNOW - RESPECT & BELIEVE. Now if you have 10 salespeople doing that it would be 600,000 impressions annually from people they KNOW - RESPECT & BELIEVE. Now what if we could get those testimonials converted into articles and published in100 times BLOG SITES. Another 60,000 impressions. And keep in mind these are comments by PEOPLE, not the dealership or the manufacturer so these are far more powerful than your claims to fame.

Reputation Management is taking control of what people see when they search for you. Right now you leave the control up to Google, or worse yet, your competition. This is so big and dealers are so unaware of what it really is - so most do one thing: NOTHING. Take your maket by storm today and OWN Social Media in your market for the auto industry.

This is a hole new area that your only decision is when you are going to get on board - not IF you will get on board but when. Call me - I have been working hard to align myself with the most current and state of the art techniques to win in this game fast.