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  Phone Ups

Phone-ups have been an issue in dealerships for years and in the past couple of years are taking on an even bigger role. WHY. The amount of phone traffic generated from Internet activity. 

A couple of strong opinions I have regarding Phone-Ups I share to help you better understand my approach to improving this area.

Not all phone-ups are the same: Over the years I have seen trainers go into dealerships and have one New car script, ones Pre-owned script and maybe a Sub-prime script. This in my opinion is where the problem begins.

First, let me discuss scripts: I don't think we have the issues we had 10-15 years ago with the egos getting in the way - I think people want to do better. But if you give me a tool to use and it just plain doesn't work, I'm going to use what I am comfortable with, what I can make money at and get my numbers with.

Advertising dictates the kind of calls you get. Think about this for a moment: 

You list your pre-owned cars on Craiglist and they do not include prices. Is that going to create a specific kind of call?

You don't put prices on the Internet -  Is that going to create a specific kind of call?

A dealer advertises $4,000 over book value for trade-ins so he does not have prices on the Internet and has a store policy for not giving out prices on the phone.

These are just a few examples of specific calls that are created by dealer advertising that I feel it is not only important to modify the script to the call coming in, but on-going roll playing is required to master these techniques.
On-going reviewing on the actual calls being recorded is powerful and many times over-looked in dealerships. Some listen once in awhile, but constant listening, keeping notes discussed weekly and positive feedback can help make a person very good at in-coming calls.