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This is probably one of the most frustrating areas for dealers today. They have tried an Internet staff performing the entire selling process - they have tried Internet appointment setters - adding people - more lead sources / and they end up with pretty much the same results. 

The GOOD NEWS - this is the future and the biggest area for increased sales in dealerships today.

On-Line Leads:
24% buy within the 1st 10 days
34% buy over the next 50 days
42% purchase more than 2 months after they have submitted and online lead

In most dealerships our pay plans, our pressure is on the Internet sales person to go after the "low hanging fruit". So it is not just a matter of having the ability to respond to that lead that is in the market now, it is about the processes to maintain contact over a period of 120 days. Maintain contact with a fresh approach - a non-boring over and over set of message most Internet people use.

How much attention is given to: "Subject lines"?

How much training is provided to train on calling this person? How about the 60 or the 90 day or the 120 day call?

How do our emails look? Do they look like every other car dealer our there or do the go WOW when a customer opens?

Do we use texting?

Do we use pictures, videos, links to articles?

Do we use Social Media to market ourselves? Have you built individual Dealerrater sites and pass them onto prospects to build value in your dealership.

The Internet has the opportunity to increase dealership profits more than any other department in the future, if built properly.