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    Your Training Partner...

  Tying it all together

Whether it be written processes, accountability, training, support, sometimes it's better to have someone that has been down the road walking and guiding you so you don't make the same mistakes others have made that have gone before you.

I have years of experience in all of the above areas. I help you set the areas in place in a shorter period of time - make less mistakes - design training to sustain long-term performance - and create processes that it doesn't change when someone takes their eye of the ball.

Early on as a trainer I followed other trainers in because for whatever reason things didn't work out and after digging deeper found the reason why changes weren't taking place as the dealer had desired. It may be pay plans, other distractions, other work, lack of a feedback loop, whatever. Sometimes it is not just the topic but the surrounding issues that prevent change.

Accountability - that is another issue I strive hard to create when working in a dealership. I know that when I spend money I want to see a difference being made and I want to know how much things are changing. And ultimately I want to be able to measure and create and ROI for the money I spend.  

Don't let all the changes in business and technology scare you into to either doing the wrong thing - or worse yet, doing nothing.

Call me – I can make your dealership more profitable.