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For the first 15-20 years of my career I did training as the majority of other trainers were doing - each month I would fly in and have a "rah rah" class, get everyone excited, make calls, make appointments, make sale and then leave town. The same comments came from the dealer: :Things are great when you are here, but as soon as you leave they start to slide backwards and eventially it's back to the same ole way."

After years and years of trying to get things to "stick" and being unsuccessful at it, I decided to change the way I do business. Rather than having 15-20 customers, coming in for a "wham bamb" type of approach, I decided to scale my customer laod down to 3-4 customers at any one time. This way I could spend more time in the dealership, set up follow-up meetings to check on progress "maybe on the pone maybe with GoToMeeting.com, but check up on the regularly and see to it things were getting done. Also, set up follow-up training using GoToMeeting.com to reinforce and re-train on topics in a more current follow-up practice.

This started to work pretty well and then I learned another technique to even further assure the training and the ideas were getting implemented and followed thru with.