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Scott Hembrough  

    Your Training Partner...

  Hembrough Business Systems



“I worked with Scott and found him to be very creative. His very positive attitude and solution oriented nature is a positive model for others.” November 15, 2009 Grant CardoneAuthor, International Speaker and CEO, Cardon Enterprises

“Scott is a solution provider in the purest sense of the word. His commitment to excellence is only exceeded by his passion for effecting positive results in the prospects and clients he serves.” November 14, 2009  Mark Rodriguez, President Auto Client Care


“Scott has done jobs for me on several occasions and has always done an outstanding job. I would not hesitate to use him again and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with automotive business development centers.”August 29, 2009 J C Harward, hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2000 thru 2008, and hired Scott more than once.                                                                                                                                                                    _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 

“Scott Hembrough, is the best trainer I have met. He worked hard for the Whole team at Subaru in Renton, WA. His commitment to his job, and his top notch training made me a 30+ cars a month sales consultant, and made me number 1 Subaru Sales consultant in the western region.
Thank you scott for every thing.” July 24, 2009 Ahmad Dani, worked with Scott as a Business Consultant in 2005, 2006 & 2007. 


“Scott is a very true professional. His main focus is to always make sure any type of business association he is involved with is always completed that exceeds expectations and completed with full integrity.” July 22, 2009 
Mike ClearyAutomotive Dealer Market Manager, Hanel Storage Systems


“Scott, is a very customer driven person, who provides outstanding solutions to his customers needs.
Scott's service and dedication to 100% Customer Satisfaction is second to none.
You can be secure that Scott will assist you in increasing your bottom line profits.” July 22, 2009 Max Klemm, dealer principle hiring Scott in various training roles from 1986 thru 2008.

“Scott has been instrumental in the success of my Honda dealership. His dedication, ideas and professionalism made it possible for us to achieve our goals. All the policies and procedures that he helped design and implement still in place producing great results.

Thanks Scott..” July 21, 2009 Sal Salinas, 1st hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired Scott more than once thru 2008

“Scott did an excellent job setting up a service call center for us. He provided a pool of qualified applicants, trained them for our specific needs that resulted in an immediate increase in customer traffic and satisfaction and profits to our dealership.

I highly recomend Scott and will use him again.” July 21, 2009  David Eby

“Our dealership in Albany, NY had quite a challenge with 130 employees and many "old ways" of doing things. Scott was able to not only get us moving toward a profit in this very difficult time but was also able to do it in such a way as too keep our core human resource. 

Thank's Scott... See you soon.” July 21, 2010 Jim Starr, hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Scott more than once                                                                                                                                                                                 


“Scott was a hands-on, detailed oriented, and overall pleasure to work with for all these years. I have and will continue to do business with Scott Hembrough.” July 20, 2009 Gregg ShaftSenior Regional Marketing Consultant, Ideal Direct Ad Group Inc


“Scott is most certainly the best Manager I have ever worked with. In my experience, He has proven to be extremely adaptable to constantly changing situations without losing sight of far reaching goals. He maintains communications as well as rapport with employees, and all levels of management. His Professionalism and ability were second to none. I would recommend Him to any organization seeking to reach higher and achieve more.” August 1, 2009 Mark Turanski,Internet Sales Manager, Gladstone Suzuki was trained and reported to Scott at Hembrough Business Systems


“I have known and worked directly and indirectly with Scott Hembrough for many years. If he tells you something you can bank on knowing it will get done. His business experience will be a great asset to any client.” July 23, 2009 James Garlock,VP, Auto Consultants

“Scott was able to provide us with valuable information and help us change our process which has enabled us to greatly improve our personnel productivity and level of customer satisfaction.” July 23, 2009 Kurt Koch, dealer principle Milham Ford - hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2004 - 2007.                                                                                                                                                                               


“Scott Hembrough has worked with me on several projects through the years and I consider him a true professional. He always made sure that we got what we paid for and the some, he continued to follow up after the project was completed. I think the other thing that I appreciate about Scott is that he was looking to bring proven idea's that he saw in other facilities to us. I highly recommend him as a true professional.” July 23, 2009 Jimmy Snyder,  
hired Scott as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired Scott more than once to providing current services.