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Thank you for your interest in Dealerferral™. Dealerferral™ is power packed with profit producing features only available through this program.

Be the first in your market to solve the challenge of generating massive referrals, handling 3rd party review sites, taking Facebook from a time suck to a profit center and owning the first three pages of Google with the voices of your satisfied customers. All while boosting your Google Maps positioning. With Dealerferral™ your customers do all the work!

- Social momentum referral marketing system

- Viral website promotion interface

- Social Referral Tagging ™

- Blind referral generation platform

- Facebook referral friend targeting

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Reputation tracker and reputation radar

- Biweekly positive content distribution and syndication

- Online video distribution and search optimization

- Testimonial title expression implementation

- Google-to-Visit conversion targeting

- Third party review acceleration

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Social media expert positioning marketing system

- Customized review collection interface

- Unique 10 star rating system

- Full website integration

- Mobile ready

- Automatic quality threshold alerts

- Complete review control and throttling

- In-office accessible dealership interface

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Word of mouth content generation

- Real time review push technology

- Push button social media integration

- Facebook review sharing interface

- Viral facebook marketing funneling

- Dealership facebook share confirmation system

- Dealership facebook sharing reminder system

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Unlimited third party review site capturing

- Google maps optimizer

- Third party review dealership reminder system

- Star rating quality threshold alerts

- Customizable star rating settings

- Best dealership identification and alert system

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Interactive dealership review / testimonial site

- Video review enabled

- Full website integration

- Active review quality intelligence

- Expanded 10 star rating system

- Live international language translation

- Hands free auto pilot enabled

- Mobile ready


Begin your Dealerferral™ program today and dominate your market through the power of reputation-based digital referral generation. Visit us today at http://Dealerferral.com or (877) 312-7066

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